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Lesson Program: 2018-2019 Season

Due to the construction at RiverWinds our Fall One start date will be moved from Monday 9/10 to Monday 9/24.  It will still be 6 weeks long.
We apologize for any inconvenience.  

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Please DO NOT CONTACT RiverWinds Community Center. Tide Water Swim School rents pool space from RiverWinds therefore they CANNOT help.
Email us directly at TWACLessons@gmail.com


Goal: Our aim at Tide Water Swim School is to offer a fun, safe environment for a positive and productive swimming experience. We help non-swimmers confront fear head-on while we encourage emerging swimmers to build confidence and technique with our step-by-step instruction.

Offerings: Tide Water Swim School offers Private & Group Lessons. Please contact to inquire about services for children with IEP’s.

Instruction: Our instructors are a mix of graduate and undergraduate personnel undergo specific training from a program developed at Tide Water. The love of the water is the number one reason our instructors are able to provide a positive learning experience for children of all ages. We offer homogenized Group Lesson classes at different skill levels to guide children through the progressions of learning how to swim. Our beginner Group Lessons focus on water safety, using a blend of survival techniques and core-based swimming; while our intermediate and advanced Groups focus on proper swimming mechanics to help children become stronger swimmers and potentially prepare them to join our Swim Team. We also offer Private (one-on-one) Lessons that are tailored to each swimmer’s individual ability, level and parents/student goals — be it water safety, mechanics or prep to pass the local pool swim test.

Class Size: Our Level 1 Group Lesson classes have a maximum 4-to-1 swimmer-to-instructor ratio, which is ideal for beginners. We try to keep our Level 2 and 3 Group Lesson classes to 4 swimmers too. Squirts classes usually have no more than 6 swimmers (plus their parents). Our Level 4 Group Lessons and Pre-Team classes have a maximum of 8 swimmers.



Location: Lessons are given at RiverWinds Community Center’s Aquatic Facility in West Deptford, NJ.  You DO NOT have to be a RiverWinds member to participate in Tide Water Swim School.  Please DO NOT contact RiverWinds about swim instruction.  Tide Water Swim School is not affiliated with RiverWinds because they rent pool space from RiverWinds.

Joining Swim School: Tide Water Swim School provides lessons year-round.  You may enroll in Swim School at the start of a new session, provided we have available spots.  We run our all of our registration ONLINE so the best way to stay up to date is to provide us with a current email address.  At the opening of Registration we provide new students on our contact list with links for the upcoming session sign-up.  Email twaclessons@gmail.com to get on our list.  **We respect your privacy and would NEVER release or share your email address.  It is most advantageous for you to provide us with your current email because this is how we will contact you.**

Availability:  We use a third party registration website called Active.com. When you receive the Registration link in your email it will take you to the classes and time slots available for sign-up.  Please message us with questions.

Starting Lessons: All swimmers must register, sign a waiver, and pay before receiving Lessons. For liability reasons, we cannot offer “trial Lessons” to anyone who has not registered and signed the required waiver. Similarly, we do not test swimmers to determine their Level prior to registration.