Meet Schedule

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9 & over swimmers (A/BB/C)

October  7-8Oktoberfest (GCIT)
November4-5 Veteran’s Day (GCIT)
November26NPAC Stroke Distance Meet
November – December 30-3 Turkey Claus (University of MD)
December1-3SJAC Gator ClassicPrelim/Finals
December8-10RMAC Invitational (Germantown, MD)
January20-21New Year (GCIT)
February17-18SJAC Last Chance Meet
February24-25UDAC Closed Meet
March1-4Junior Olympics – Qualifier (York)
March10-11Bronze Champs (North Penn)
March23-25Silver Champs -Qualifier(GCIT)
March28-31Senior Champs  (York YMCA)
Lynchberg Va

St. Petersburg Florida

March 20-24

March 28-31

Junior National Cup

NASA Age Group Qualifying Meets (FL)


8 & under (Mini meets)

October      28TWAC Monster Madness (Riverwinds)
November     18SJAC Turkey Day Mini (Nexxt Level)
December   9-10NJ State Meet/Winter Storm (GCIT)
January      6Arctic Blast (Riverwinds)
February      3Pirate’s Treasure (Riverwinds)
March   16-18 Mini Champs (LaSalle U )