Lesson Types

Private Lessons

Private Lessons
Ages 2 years and up
  • One-on-one instruction
  • 20 minutes once per week
  • For ages 2 years and older
  • Open to swimmers of all ability levels; no skill prerequisites
  • Lessons focus on water safety or mechanics
  • Lessons are tailored to swimmer’s individual needs and current ability level
  • Parents do not get in the water, regardless of the swimmer’s age
  • Swimmers are not required to be potty-trained
  • If not potty trained, swimmers are required to wear swim diaper
  • Goggles are required for watersafe swimmers

*Instructors are Mr., Miss or Coaches.  The only difference are the Coaches also instruct swim team.

Group Lessons

Infant/Toddler Lessons
  • Group baby-and-parent class: a parent/guardian (or other adult designee) MUST be in the water
  • Each infant/toddler will need parental/guardian’s physical support to learn mechanics
  • 30-minute class once per week
  • Swimmers are not required to be potty-trained
  • If not potty trained, swimmers are required to wear swim diaper
Ages 6 months to 2 years
  • Focuses on acclimating infant/toddlers to the water
  • Swimmer’s practice proper body position/floating
  • Lessons teach water safety practices and techniques to parents
Softshells (Intro Class)
Ages 2 to 4
  • Focuses on introduction to water safety skills for toddlers
  • Swimmer’s practice proper mechanics and body position
  • Lessons are designed for swimmers who are not comfortable enough to swim alone with an instructor

Leveled Group Lessons

Leveled Group Lessons
  • Swimmers MUST be:
    • watersafe (able to surface unassisted & stay afloat independently – without a life vest, “swimmies,” etc.)
    • comfortable in/unafraid of the water
    • potty-trained
  • Parents do not get in the water.
  • Levels 1, 2, & 3: Small-group (4:1) instruction – 30 minutes once per week
  • Level 4: Larger group (8:1 max) Team-like instruction from coaches on deck – 45 minutes once per week
  • All Levels require goggles; Level 4 also requires fins.
Green Turtles
(Level One)
Ages 3-6
To be eligible for Green Turtles, a swimmer MUST be:

  • Be watersafe (able to stay afloat independently without the need for support)
  • Be able to jump independently into water and return to wall unassisted
  • Be comfortable in (unafraid of) the water
  • Be able (or willing to try) to put face in/go underwater
  • Goggles are required
(Level Two)
Ages 5-7
To be eligible for Loggerheads, swimmers should:

  • Be able to float on their back independently
  • Be able to swim at least 10 feet on their stomach with their face in
  • Have an interest in learning butterfly
  • Goggles are required
(Level Three)
Ages 6-9
To be eligible for Leatherbacks, swimmers should:

  • Be able to swim at least a half-lap of freestyle AND backstroke
  • Have an understanding of butterfly
  • Have an interest in learning breaststroke
  • Goggles are required
(Level 4)
Ages 7-10
To be eligible for Terrapins, swimmers should:

  • Be an experienced swimmer
  • Have a basic understanding of all four strokes
  • Be able to swim a full lap of freestyle and backstroke
  • Be able to swim a half-lap of butterfly and breaststroke
  • Have an interest in progressing toward Swim Team
  • Goggles and Fins are required

Terrapins transitions swimmer from traditional Lesson instruction to a swim team-type coaching


To maintain homogenized classes and allow the Lessons to run smoothly for all swimmers, please adhere to the eligibility criteria for Leveled Group Lesson placement. Thank you!

  • If your swimmer falls somewhere between two Levels skill-wise, then please choose the lower of the two Levels to start.
  • If your child does not meet the eligibility requirements for his/her age-group Level, then please enroll him/her in Private Lessons

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding LEVEL 1-4 Group Lessons:

  • For our swimmers’ safety, we cannot accept liability for Leveled Group Lesson swimmers who are not watersafe. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER A NON-WATERSAFE SWIMMER FOR LEVELED GROUP LESSONS. If a swimmer who is NOT watersafe enrolls in Level 1-4 Group Lessons, then s/he will be removed from the class for safety reasons and no refund/credit will be given.